Weather-themed cocktail recipes

Four seasons, four pitchers.  Make ’em in advance, chill them well, pour them out at parties, keep it flowing!

All numbers below are parts to indicate proportions.


6 Rum
1 Sweet lime juice
1.5 Passion fruit puree

Autumn Wind:

3 Apple cider
2 Whisky
1 Cinnamon Schnapps
Bitters and lemon juice to taste

Chocolate Thunder:

1 Bailey’s
1 Rum
1 Kahlua
4 Coca-Cola

Note: keep the coca-cola separate until serving; careful when pouring, as it will create a head like a root beer float; afterwards, you can keep the leftovers of the 3-alcohol combination outside of the refrigerator


3 Ginger beer
1 Bourbon

Chill both ingredients separately, and only combine when pouring.