Lyrics – II. The Central Chamber

My amorous embers of tellurian routines hurl obloquy, clamoring

I dreamed I could conquer this lexical army


I want to be 10

A – point

A boy

I want to be ten again

I want to be ten

My perceptual field is too complicated

Go clean up, clean up

Clean up your room, clean up your womb now

Time to clean up

Now right now!

Look at the mess you made

Clean up your room right now go

Am I your indentured maid?

A memory tape I played

Go do

Now go look away from –

Stop cleaning and get to work!

Stop cleaning up and get to work!

I’m scared – help – go look away! Now check – what time is it?

Ten have a snack, talk to my friends again, get back on track, twenty, go to ten!


Poor you, you’re thirsty, go pour a glass of juice, you chickenshit for leaving!

Go rejoin your friends, that’s the very best excuse!

I don’t feel optimistic about my ability to succeed in the near future, therefore I look away

Lookaway to the tea or to the coffee

Look away, look away,

Lookaway to a routine I can complete –

Yes I look away from me, from me cuz I failed in recency

Yes he looks away to memory, future or fantasy, lookaway to a routine I can complete!

There’s no way around it, you always look to who your self-symbol came with recently


No way around it, you are a slave to, what lit up in your recency!

Enjoyable activity

Will not be permitted to me

If I were to go to bed without having hit my mileposts

Will I allow myself pleasure, will I give myself permission to enjoy my milestones?

Will I endeavor for leisure, will I be able to find my way using the mileposts?

Have I seen this before?  Can you identify?

Have I cleaned this before?  Has it been clarified?

I’m comparing, is it more than before?  Was it caused by the before?

Family, is it self or other, family, is it strange? Familiar?

Display – of a jewel; display – fake renewal

Frame: is it inside the frame – is it outside the frame?

Finish the routine!  Finish the routine!

Is it shrinking or growing

Family is it threatening, does it threaten

Finish the routine!  Finish the routine!

Is it approaching, will she be reproaching you?

Warning, there’s a deadline soon!

I’m worrying about my deadline – how will I meet my deadline?

(Stop spending half your time worrying from your deadline!)

Where are you on your routines?

Make a list, prioritize, what item have you missed, were you naughty or nice?

Stop checking out where you are on your routines!

Where you are!

On your routines!

How much of you life are you wasting?

At least 30 percent of the day you piss away…

Wake up, there’s a horsey, wake up for the cow

Get out of the bower, get out of the shower

Leap out of the casement

That’s called a horsey, remember this

Come out of the basement

And that’s called a cow, now learn this!

Emerge from the womb

You’re losing too much heat from your feet

What is that lazing

Vacate your room!

You’re losing too much heat from your – turn it up

Stop for the grazing cattle

And you are about to hit three tons of meat

What is that coming up, hit on your brakes

Emergency, emergency

Emerging merging urgent urgency!

You’re in danger!

You’re not in danger anymore.

You’re in danger!

That’s not a danger anymore.

He’s in danger!

He’s not in danger anymore!

They’re in danger!

They’re not in danger anymore.

Let’s put up a museum for – all the people who were in danger.

We would never commit that / turn our backs – on the danger any more that them – uh oh / it goes

Lullaby lullaby lullaby goodnight, they’re killing someone over there but don’t you worry

Mommy’s looking out

Lullaby lullaby, lullaby sleep tight, they’re killing someone far away so don’t worry

You’re safe inside the frame of your crib

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