The Court Gossip – 3. Speaking for Our Selves (Text and Scores)

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3. Speaking For Our Selves

He thinks I leave out (That he omits) phenomena!
Does he overstate (anomalous) phenomena?

I look to the left
I step up to the mirror
I look to the right
Is something coming nearer
Is he down the hall, waiting
For me to leave the bathroom
Will he come to me later
As I make it down the hallway to my room?

What are the implications
Guess how old he is?
To this loose confederation
     Don’t want to burn your bridges!
But rather than a single source,
Her clusters of speech make better sense if you attribute to alters
Separated while
Both this paper’s co-authors seek a common style!

For one of us, without verification, it’s nothing.
(I wonder if he’s trapped by this approach.)
Did I mention how I got him his job cuz I think he’s a truly great romantic scientist!

He’s my friend, and I love to work with him
To zero in on the ramifications of this case –


Explanatory fictions without supervision our task is to make descriptions of others’ behavior
     Towel, screen, curtain, seem

Shared philosophies, we have twenty years’ history – who does he think he is to write it – loose cannon!

The feeling of red
     Steam rise!
The taste of the bread
The pain in my head
Continues on as if
It goes to the same
     Round again
From where it came
     Let me do it again
But now closed off in a loop inside of the brain.

Now, private
     Cream rises
It’s private
Just Quine it
     He redlined it
Tell what you think of it
What’s he intimating?
     Is he writing about me?
How to make your many projects cooperate?

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