The overzealous gynecologist

Artistic depiction of belly dancing
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Last night, we went to a lawyer’s/judges banquet at an all-night Greek drinking pub. I worried about corruption issues, but again, Elif says it’s the clerks and not the judges who get free meals from the lawyers. The evening featured much celebration and belly-dancing. A top criminal judge was seven sails to the wind and incoherent, but extremely foul-mouthed. A Greek singer so inspired the attorneys that several ordered empty plates for the occasion from the waiter, which they stacked 10-high in their hands and then used another plate to smash them down the stack (like a fork would cut into a pancake platter), leading to several bloody hands. Some people, not able to afford plates or not wanting bloody hands, popped balloons in celebration instead. The husband of one of Dilek’s friends Muazzez was also there; he’s a gynecologist. He found out that Muazzez, his second wife, was pregnant; not wanting the cost or hassle of having children with her, he told her that the fetus was dead inside her, and he purposely miscarried her. During the operation, he discovered a lump and did the surgery; she suffered much pain, went to another hospital and they gave her the right post-op medication; she then discovered that the fetus was indeed healthy when her husband aborted it. Oh, and it turns out he hits Muazzez too. Dilek finally tells them that maybe it’s a good idea that they separate.

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