The Court Gossip – 2. epi sodes (Text and Scores)

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2. epi sodes

Never have we encountered such a patient with so many different
epi-sodes / bind!
and gaps in

So how can I attribute her actions to one consistent person, when the facts reveal such
     to one, to one
How can she achieve in integrating all of her

     We’re / here!
Gears inside of gears
     My him she
     Gears beside of gears

I was a girl who kept a diary which she would then read to find that it was written in a
Stranger’s hand.
They couldn’t diagnose it
but she held out hope
     But I hoped
someone would come with a cure for the problem;
never knew what she had –

What are you suppressing?
Whom am I addressing?

Sandy’s coming to play.

Let me tell you a story of a friend who would come when nobody else could see –
a person supervisor protecting from what comes in when I was asleep.
A fracturing of identity –

What’s the center of her narrative gravity?
     Center off-center?
The center of narrative –

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