The Court Gossip – 4. The Thick Moment (Text and Scores)

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4. The Thick Moment

This patient’s spinning stories in extended present tense,
testing a possibility of selfhood that makes sense.
My rivals claim that consciousness is a nonderivative
activity that’s metaphysically primitive.

I say that we should line up the concepts of mind and brain,
so that the terms on each side have a chance to be the –

He’s still searching, casting about.
His intuition is that I’m leaving something out.
No matter if it’s a contingent,
why is it that perception’s twinned –
The phenomenal experience of red?
The taste of cheese, the pain a-throbbin’ in my head?
What is this thing called sensation?

I know that it’s been shown to be iatrogenic,
but still her symptoms are certainly authentic!
And fill her needs
for boundaries…

In the background, there’s a struggle for supremacy, and then a snap! election
Long ago there were sensory responses organized around the simulation.
     now, sensory responses enclosed inside our brains.
I, for one, would rather hear your opposition than from those who haven’t understood me.
     I – just – wait – OK – then – I disagree.
Sensation, to what does it refer? It refers to itself as it recurs in…
     For planning, you needed to make representations –

Your sensations leave no traces…
Stretching the present brings feelings of resonance…
     Stretching the present feels…

Stretched present –
Thick moment
now contained
     -ject tive present
past and pres-
ent sustained.
     New domains for an intention
     give a feeling of resonance.
only comes
     Feedback noise decay –
at the

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