“Practicing the cadenza”

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This is a rare and precious document of the opera singer Elif Savas rehearsing an aria for an upcoming concert. By employing unobtrusive photography techniques and sympathetic lighting, I create an image which is far more natural, and less “staged,” than those commonly seen of Dmitri Shostakovich “composing” or Vladamir Nabokov standing at his writing desk.

At the moment the picture was taken, Elif was intently focused on the type of deliberate, error-focused practice which affords every musician the greatest gains. So concentrated is she on the score that appears completely oblivious to the presence of the photographer. The many distractions in her practice room hold no sway over her, as she works out the phrases which naturally present the greatest difficulties.

From the series: “Subjunctive Moods”

This series illustrates how our memories, planned futures, fantasies and desires compete for attention with the “real world.” Holmes stereoscope viewers, View-Masters, and 3-D images show how subjunctives and counterfactuals occupy our thoughts and actions – from generation to generation, from childhood through adulthood.



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