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This vivid piece of photojournalism, taken in extremely arduous conditions, documents elusive first-person mental states. Here, in the war zone of Fairfield, CT, we braved the forbidding terrain of a middle-aged Jewish lady’s kitchen. The woman was extremely accommodating – until the boxes of snack food started flying around the kitchen, crashing into her cabinets. This photograph addresses three of my primary intellectual concerns: Focus and attention. Here, Elif is beckoned by the siren call of snack food, and she’s literally pulled, zombie-like from her work into the kitchen. Balancing short- and long-term goals. Friends and lovers often endeavor to reward each other and share pleasure in ways which are harmful to their wallets, society, or their long-term goals and future selves. Butts. A picture is worth a thousand words – yet, while the English language contains hundreds of thousands of words, not one of them does full justice to the marvelous beauty of a woman’s posterior.

This series, using 3-D images and toys (Holmes stereo viewers, View Masters) from a bygone age, illustrates how our memories, planned futures, fantasies and desires compete for attention with the “real world.” An opera singer tries to practice in a room full of distractions and is blinded by the spotlight held by the viewer; in the accompanying photo, she is ultimately seduced, like a zombie, by a man in a fat suit summoning her to a refrigerator full of goodies. In another photograph, someone is goofing off instead of working, while he feels the presence of a shadowy spousal mommy-figure watching disapprovingly. In another, a man sitting on the diving board of a swimming pool blissfully enjoys the sun – while the background is a painted film set, and his wife awaits, cold, wearing a sweater.

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