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  1. First and foremost, ctanrgos that you’re about to birth a new book!I have been my own publisher, but most recently I let Create Space be the publisher for the print version of my novel (Book Baby did the e-book conversion, so a different ISBN). You will want to check on property tax and sales tax laws in your town and state to determine the answers to your questions. For example, I am currently in Texas. Texas law requires that I collect sales tax even if I sell a book to someone outside of Texas but this law varies from state to state. I also pay Harris County property taxes on my publishing company, but that is based on a property inventory. With on-demand publishing, these days my inventory is much lower, which is nice. Business property taxes in your area, though, may be handled differently.I wish I could be more helpful, but these are questions that you’ll need to investigate through your local and state governments.

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